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Tapestry Arts Festival 2003

Artist Application – print, fill out and mail with your slides and fee to:

Tapestry, 255 N. Market St. #124, San Jose, CA 95100  




Trade name










Phone (eve)






CA sales permit number


Vehicle type and size


New Applicants        new  (how did you hear of us?)

Space request      single booth      corner      double


 3 slides per medium (photos not accepted)
 1 slide of stocked booth (photograph okay)
 completed application
 self-addressed, stamped envelope for slide return
 check made payable to Tapestry for non-refundable jurying fee
 $15 (single medium)
 $35 (two media)
 $10 (local artist fee for Santa Clara County residents only)



Please select the medium that best fits your work. You will be listed in the festival program under this medium. Select two media only if you have different items that fall into separate categories.

 Ceramics    Glass    Photography  
 Children’s    Jewelry    Printmaking (monoprints, etc.)
 Clothing    Leather    Sculpture
 Computer-generated    Metal    Traditional folk art
 Drawing    Mixed media    Wood
 Fiber (weaving, textiles)    Painting (oil, acrylic, etc.)  Watercolor
 Other (description)



I have read and agree to all the conditions outlined for Tapestry Arts Festival 2003. I understand that all work is to be designed and executed by me as the artist applicant and that no imported or manufactured work will be allowed. I agree that slides submitted are representative of the work to be sold. I release Tapestry, the City of San Jose, their Boards of Directors, employees and agents, festival volunteers and contractors of all liability and responsibility for any injury, damage or loss sustained by exhibitors, guests or works of art before, during or after the Tapestry Arts Festival 2003, or as a result of the display of my work, equipment or materials. I understand that photographs, slides or videos of me, my booth and/or my work may be used by Tapestry for promotional and publicity purposes. Tapestry makes no promises or guarantees regarding anticipated or actual sales. If weather, acts of God or other reasons beyond the control of Tapestry cause the event to be cancelled, participant fees will not be returned and Tapestry will not be held liable to exhibitors for failure of the event to take place. Copies of this agreement, including fax transmissions, shall be deemed an original for any and all purposes. A completed application is a commitment to show. No refunds will be made after the June 13th deadline.  

 I am willing to have my name, email and/or phone number given to customers attempting to locate me as an artist.






Information about your work (Please type or print)

Please complete the following. Note slide number, description of item(s), construction and dimensions. Be very specific, as what is not juried cannot be sold at the festival. Please specify which parts are made by you and/or which parts are ready-made. The information on this page plus the four slides that you have submitted will be the only materials to which the jury will refer during the jury process.

Please DO NOT send any additional materials at this time! Promotional material will be requested with your space fees.

Slide #1


Process/Materials description



(please note any ready-made materials)


Slide #2


Process/Materials description



(please note any ready-made materials)


Slide #3


Process/Materials description



(please note any ready-made materials)


Slide #4


Process/Materials description



(please note any ready-made materials)


Artist’s statement (fifteen words or less - This statement will be read to the jury)




Please describe your work (Be very specific as pieces that are not juried cannot be exhibited)