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Tapestry Arts Festival 2003

Event dates:

August 30, August 31, September 1

10 AM – 6 PM daily


Application deadline .................... April 18

Jury results mailed ...................... May 9

Fees due ...................................... June 13

Cancellation deadline ................. June 20


Festival Fees

Single exhibit space ....................$ 420

Corner exhibit space ...................$ 620

Double exhibit space....................$ 800

Double corner space ...................$1000


Tapestry Arts Festival 2003 Application Information

About Us

Tapestry Arts is a nonprofit organization that strives to create interaction between communities and the arts. Toward that end, the festival celebrates creativity by providing access to the arts to a large cross-section of Silicon Valley. Proceeds support academic school arts programs. Join more than 350 artists as they display their work and interact with an average 250,000 visitors each Labor Day Weekend! Tapestry's Festival is once again rated one of Sunshine Artist 200 Best in the United States. It ranked second in its class on the West Coast.

Artist Awards

  $500  Best of Show*

  $150  First Runner Up*

  $100 Second Runner Up*

Tapestry also issues several honorary awards each year in the following categories:

Invitational Circle* - jurors select artists who exhibit excellence in their work

Hall of Fame* - awarded after 5 years as an Invitational artist

Booth Design - awarded for outstanding display

Accepted artists will also receive discounted hotel rates, booth-sitters, identification badges, promotional postcards (at cost) and free water.

* Winners will receive festival parking, guaranteed 2004 acceptance, early space  reservations & additional publicity.


Tapestry has many long-standing ties with the Bay Area media. Each year, the festival receives more than $300,000 in print, radio and television sponsorship. Media coverage includes local radio stations with 24 hour a day announcements and on-site broadcasts. The local network affiliate has provided television coverage both before and live from the event. As a long-standing print media partner, The San Jose Mercury News provides Tapestry with excellent coverage in the weeks before the event. Flyers and posters are distributed throughout Silicon Valley and posted throughout our local public transportation network. The Tapestry website has extensive festival information and is widely advertised.

Entry Requirements

Tapestry’s festival is open to original, exhibitor-made work. Artists are strongly encouraged to attend. No agents, dealers, traders or importers are eligible. Pieces not representative of work juried may not be shown or advertised in the exhibit space. We reserve the right to close the booth of any artist who does not comply with festival policies and/or meet the standards of the event. All artists, including past participants, must file applications for the current festival by the registration deadline and be screened through a slide process.

All sellers must have a valid sales permit, collect taxes and be responsible for all their sales and collections. Sales permits may be obtained from the State Board of Equalization at 408 277-1231. San Jose sales tax is 8.25%.

Exhibit spaces are 10' x 10'. Artists are responsible for providing all equipment, staffing, assembling and dismantling their booths.

Media & Slides

All slides must be in clean, undamaged mounts, measuring 2”x 2” and 35mm. Please label slides as shown. Work shown on all slides should be recent (not more than 2 years old).

Three of the slides must show individual work, which is representative of your quality and range. The fourth slide should show your display. Artists who are not accepted will receive their slides with their non-acceptance letter in May. Accepted artists will have their slides returned in September.

Applications to Tapestry Arts Festival 2003 must be postmarked by April 18, 2003. To apply, please complete both sides of the attached application and submit it with a $15 entry/jury fee, four slides and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Artists who reside in Santa Clara County may apply for just $10.

If you apply in two media, please submit two sets of slides (no more than four slides per medium) and a $35 entry/jury fee. If your medium is recorded music, it may only be presented at the festival by headphones.

Space fees are due by June 13. The cancellation deadline is June 20. We cannot provide refunds for any artists canceling after this date. Refunds will reflect a $100 handling fee.

There will also be a $25 fee charged for returned checks.

A note about our fee:

Unfortunately, the costs of event production continue to rise and revenue is not keeping up. Therefore, we have to increase our booth fee by $30. This is necessitated by increases in everything from security to maintenance to insurance. Last year, festival insurance went up 300%. We appreciate your understanding. This increase is the only way that we can keep Tapestry a viable event. Please note that we are continuing our policy of not charging any commission on artists’ sales. Once the booth fee is paid, that’s it!

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