Saturday, August 30                           10 AM – 6 PM

Sunday, August 31                              10 AM – 6 PM

Monday, September 1                         10 AM – 6 PM


General Information

Tapestry emphasizes a diversity of culinary offerings, in particular a large international selection. Consideration will be given to those vendors who serve unique foods appropriate to an outdoor summer event. Tapestry limits the number of vendors within each food category. When filled, categories may close prior to the registration deadline. Vendor selection from qualified applicants is based on the receipt date of completed applications, payment of minimum deposit and submission of menus. Tapestry reserves the right to select vendors based on suitability to an outdoor festival and established category limits.


Upon acceptance, food vendors will be sent a packet of information on insurance requirements and fire and health department regulations and fees. Contact Tapestry if you are unsure that you are able to meet these requirements. Food vendors or their representatives are encouraged to attend a summer meeting, date TBA, where Tapestry’s staff, along with health and fire department officials, will explain regulations and answer questions.


No food vendor may transfer, let, sublet, or sell their booths either entirely or partially with or without charge. Menu items other than those approved by Tapestry may not be sold from or advertised in the food vendor space. Festival personnel will periodically check food vendor booths during the event to insure compliance with Tapestry’s policies and procedures and adherence to the approved menu. Violators of Tapestry’s policies and procedures are subject to removal from the festival and forfeiture of fees and/or refundable deposits.


Submit checks, applications & booth layout by: June 6, 2003 to: Tapestry, 255 N. Market St. #124, San Jose, CA 95110


All Festival 2003 food vendor applicants must submit the following:

   Festival application no later than the deadline of June 6, 2003

   Payment for the required fees per the schedule and timeline

   Photo/slide of food booth with scale drawing of booth layout

   Menu of items to be sold at the festival

   Copy of valid sales permit

   Additional insured status for Tapestry Arts & City of San José


All vendors must comply with all local, state and federal regulations and fire and health codes. All vendors must have a valid sales permit and resale number, collect taxes and be responsible for all sales and collections. A sales permit can be obtained from the State Board of Equalization at (408) 277-1231. San José’s sales tax is 8.25%. In addition, an accepted food vendor must show proof of liability insurance for a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 and name Tapestry Arts, its Board of Directors and staff and the City of San José and its employees as additional insured.


Booth space and set-up

Spaces are 12´ wide by 10´ deep and BBQ spaces are 15´ wide by 10´ deep. Additional space may be requested. See fee schedule for applicable charges. All booths must comply with the fire code.

Any construction material, other than rigid framing, and all decorative materials must be fire resistant or fire resistant treated. Fire resistive paints and sprays must bear the State Fire Marshall’s Seal of Approval. Non-compliance will result in booth closure.


Booth rentals are available through Tapestry. Please indicate that you wish to rent a booth on the submitted application. Booth fees must be paid in full no later than June 20, 2003.


The sale of food is restricted to the booth/cart and no solicitation of attendees or distribution of material is permitted outside a vendor’s booth area. Food vendors are responsible for staffing, equipment, supplies, and assembling and dismantling their booths. All BBQ areas must protect the street with an approved covering which measures two feet greater than the area of the BBQ (covering must be a minimum of 5 feet).


Food vendors will be allowed on the festival grounds on Saturday August 30, 2003 from 5:00 A.M. until 9:00 A.M. for set-up. No food vendors will be allowed on the festival grounds on Friday night. Only cart vendors with multiple carts will be allowed to set up on Friday night in a specially designated staging area. No exceptions!



Power will be provided by Tapestry as requested. The use of power is limited to cooking and refrigeration only. No generators are allowed. Power provided by Tapestry, BBQs and propane are the only power sources permitted. All power sources must meet the Fire Marshall regulations and environmental restrictions, be secured in an enclosed area, and are subject to Tapestry’s approval. Vendors have an option of purchasing power (power line to booth and usage) from Tapestry. Please see electrical chart to determine your electrical needs and applicable fees.



On-site lockable refrigeration facilities are available on a first-come basis. To reserve a pallet space (40´´ x 48´´), please mark the appropriate box on your application. You will receive a key to the facility Saturday morning. See fee schedule for applicable fees.


New Health Department rulings require each booth/cart to have a clearly visible sign with the name, address and phone number of the owner, operator, permitee or business posted on the front of your booth. The name must be in lettering at least 3 inches high and each letter must be 3/8 inch wide. Letters and numbers for the address and phone number must be at least 1 inch high. Use of sandwich board signs is prohibited.


Waste Management

Tapestry will provide dumpsters, separate metal barrels for the disposal of grease and charcoal briquettes, and containers for gray water. All boxes must be flattened before disposal in dumpsters. Food vendors with barbecues must protect the street with an approved covering a minimum of 5´. Food vendors are responsible for transporting garbage, grease, charcoal and gray water to designated containers.



Tapestry anticipates an availability of on-site potable water. Upon notice of any change, alternate arrangements will need to be made by the food vendor. Access to any other nearby water source is prohibited and is cause for immediate booth closure and removal from the festival.


Premium Corners (Commissioned Items ONLY)

For commission item vendors (ice cream, coffee, shaved ice, smoothies, frozen yogurt, lemonade etc.) a limited number of premium corner spaces are available at an additional $200 per space. Premium corner spaces are located at the high traffic corners of Park & Almaden and San Fernando & Almaden. The premium corners are available on a first-come, first assigned basis.



Tapestry provides minimal 24-hour roving security during the festival lasting through Monday at 9:00 p.m. Tapestry does not accept responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage to vendor’s booth, material, supplies and/or equipment


Beverage Restrictions

Tapestry reserves its exclusive right to sell beer, wine, soda and bottled water.  A limited number of vendors can apply to sell up to two approved beverages upon approval by Tapestry and receipt of the beverage fee. Approved beverages are iced tea, lemonade, fruit juices and fruit drinks. Beverages must be sold in cups only.


Cleaning Deposit/Refund

A cleaning deposit of $200 per booth/cart is required. At the end of the festival, Tapestry will inspect the assigned area for cleanliness - including but not limited to garbage, spills, sidewalk stains, street stains and damage to city property.  The common dump area for each food court (gray water, grease and charcoal barrels) will also be inspected. If these areas are not found to be in good condition (i.e. grease in charcoal barrels, debris in gray water), any special handling charges incurred by Tapestry will be evenly distributed and deducted against the cleaning deposit of all food vendors in that food court. A maximum of $125 is refundable and will be mailed within 30 days from the close of the festival.


Commission (restricted items)

The following items are considered to be commissioned products - coffee, ice cream, lemonade and ice cream products, including but not limited to shaved ice, frozen yogurt and slushes. There are two levels for commissioned products: exclusive sales and non-exclusive sales.


Exclusive sales require a non-refundable deposit of $2500. The commission is 35% of the gross sales. Included are spaces for up to three booths and/or carts.


Non-exclusive sales require a non-refundable deposit of $1500. The commission is 25% of the gross sales. Included are spaces for up to two booths and/or carts.


Additional spaces are available at the standard fee. All other fees are the responsibility of the vendor (including health fees, cleaning deposit and electricity fees).


FOR ALL QUESTIONS CALL TEC at 408 269-6325 ext. 42 or email mzaro@tecproductions.com


2003 Timeline


March 7


$100 Discount if paid in full


June 6



Application deadline


June 14



Health fees & forms due


June 20



Cancellation deadline

for full fees less $100 handling fee and $25 registration


June 20



Fees paid in full



Application Policy

Applications must be postmarked by June 6, 2003. The selection process is on-going, however, with categories closing as they are filled. To secure your menu, submit the menu listing with the application, and include a non-refundable $25 registration fee and a $300 deposit.


Failure to comply with the deadlines and/or remit fees as outlined in this application will be considered an unwritten notification of cancellation. Vendor will forfeit all fees paid prior to the cancellation. To receive a refund of fees Tapestry requires a written cancellation which will only be accepted prior to June 20, 2003. A $100 handling fee will be assessed against fee refunds. If weather, acts of God, or other reasons beyond the control of Tapestry cause the event to be cancelled, participation fees will not be returned and Tapestry will not be liable to participants for failure of the event to take place.


The vendor agrees to indemnify and save harmless Tapestry Arts Festival, the organization’s and event’s officers, agents and employees and the City of San Jose from any and all claims, causes of action, suits, damages, injury and loss to person or goods arising out of or in any way connected to the renting of space in the Festival. Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Tapestry Arts and the City of San Jose from any claims arising from the acts of negligence of vendors, their agents or employees.




   Completed application form (both sides)

   Fee payment (checks payable to Tapestry)

   Health fee (check payable to Tapestry)

   Booth layout

   New Vendors – booth photo or slide

Print and fill out. Fax to 408 294 3479 or mail to:

Tapestry, 255 N. Market St. #124, San Jose, CA 95110


Food Vendor Application  - 2003 


Basic Fees


Enter amounts here


Registration (nonrefundable)




   Space fee – standard

#_____ of spaces  x $1000



   Space fee – dessert only

#_____ of spaces  x $500



   Additional space

$100 per foot (minimum of 2 feet)



   Cart fee

$500 per cart



   Cleaning Deposit

$200 per booth/cart ($125 refundable)



Health Fees – payable to Tapestry may include with fees or write separate check – Must be paid by June 13th


   Booth Health fee

per booth $138



   Cart fee

per cart $56



EXTRAS (optional)


   Booth rental fee

per booth = $125



   Refrigeration fee




   Electrical fee

$75 per first 5 amps

$65 for each additional 5 amps



   Beverage fee ( see restrictions in food vendor information)

One beverage – booths/carts $750 each

Two beverages – booths/carts $1000 each






Commission Sales ONLY (applies only to specific items as outlined  in application information – new vendors please call before signing up as a commission vendor)



   Exclusive sales - combination of 3 booths/carts


$2500 per combination




   Non-exclusive sales combination of 2 booths/carts

$1500 per combination





Full Contract Amount



Early registration discount (returning vendors paid by 12/31/02 ONLY)



Previously submitted deposit



Full Payment discount

Subtract $100 if paid in FULL by March 7th



Amount enclosed (this payment)




Balance Due




Payment Method        Check             Money Order              Visa              Mastercard





Cardholder Name


Card Number







Authorized Signature


Expiration Date


Amount Charged


   I have read the terms and conditions and agree to all items therein. I understand that acceptance of payment does not ensure acceptance of this application

and that this Agreement is not binding upon Tapestry until confirmed in writing. I understand Tapestry makes no promises or guarantees regarding anticipated sales.

I understand that, if accepted, photographs, slides or video of me, my booth, personnel and food items may be used by Tapestry of promotional purposes.


_____  Initial here




Application con’t


Name (authorized representative)


Company or Organization Name


Name of person who will be on-site at the festival






Cell Phone
















Day phone


Evening phone


Resale number


Insurance Carrier


Policy #


Vehicle type


Intended Power Source

   No power    




   Electricity provided by Tapestry






Appliance type(s)




















Proposed Menu (list below or attach a detailed menu)