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Performing Arts Application Festival 2003

Labor Day Weekend, Aug. 30, Aug 31 & Sept. 1

Print out and send in with your promotional materials, mail to:
Tapestry Arts, 255 N. Market St., Ste. 124, San Jose, CA 95110

Who we are
Tapestry Arts (formerly Tapestry in Talent) is a nonprofit organization that strives to create interaction between communities ant the arts. Toward that end, the festival celebrates creativity by providing access to the arts for a large cross-section of the public. Proceeds from this annual event support academic schools arts programs throughout the year.

Entry Requirements

  1. Submit the attached application, postmarked by May 16, 2003. You MUST submit a promo pack including a demo CD/cassette or video bio and photograph.. The scheduling info, stage plot and equipment requirements must also be filled out completely. Any application with missing promos will not be juried and will be ineligible for consideration. Past performers must submit new materials — they are not retained by Tapestry from prior years.
  2. All applicants will be categorized by performance type and juried according to a point system based on performance quality and availability.
  3. Accepted artists will be contracted for scheduling.
  4. Final scheduled performance times will be mailed to performers with their contracts.
  5. Sign and return your contract no later than June 30, 2003.

What we’re looking for
Tapestry is looking for the best that our community has to offer! That includes children’s entertainment, music (classical, world, new age, rock, jazz, folk, blues, choral, salsa and more), dance and theatre. We also encourage applications from composers of original music.

Community Outreach
Tapestry welcomes community performing arts groups to its stages. Community groups and arts organizations are encouraged to submit an application. Please call 408 494 3590 if you have any questions .

  • Audience of 250,000 during the 3-day festival

  • Payment of honorarium

  • Professional sound and staging

  • Media attention : Tapestry secures more than $300,000 in media sponsors annually including The Mercury News, Mix106, KBAY & others.

  • Accepted artists may sell their recordings, T-shirts etc. (Tapestry will provide a table and chairs for this purpose)

  • Performers will not be allowed to perform unless a valid contract for Tapestry Arts Festival 2003 is on file by July 1, 2003

  • If you or your members belong to a performing union, Tapestry requires that you submit a release for your services and participation from your board or union representative.

  • Each stage will have appropriate technical equipment for that venue. Special needs must be reviewed by festival organizer and are subject to Tapestry’s written approval. In addition, Tapestry reserves the right to make sound level adjustments at all times during the festival.

  • Tapestry will provide 2 load-in vehicle passes ONLY, per group per performance slot. Because of City code restrictions, there will be no exceptions, extra vehicles are subject to towing.

  • Dressing room space is not available at all stages.

  • No vehicles are allowed on any grass area. Violators will be responsible for any and all damages) incurred.

  • Tapestry does not return recorded material without a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Materials will be held until September 17, 2003.

Name of performer/group/organization _________________________________________________

Type of  performance (please check all  that apply)

  Jazz    Rock   R & B   Country    Classical 
  Folk   New Age   Salsa    World Music   Choral
  Dance   Theatre   Children   Original Composition   Other

Number of performers_________ Adult________ Child_______ Usual Fee ______________

Performance length

  15 min.   30 min.   60 min.   90 min.   Other __________________________

Minimum space required _________________Surface Needed (carpet, lawn)________________


Name ____________________________ check payable to: _________________________

Tax ID/SS#_______________________________Fax ______________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________

City__________________________________ State____________  Zip _______________

Phone _____________________________ Alternate Phone _________________________

Email ____________________________ Web Site _________________________________

Technical Contact_____________________ Phone _________________________________

Equipment info

Mics ___________ DI’s _____________        cassette player      CD player

  other (please list) _____________________________________________


We cannot process your application without this information.

Festival dates are Sat., Aug. 30, Sun. Aug 31 & Mon. Sept. 1.

Times act is available:

  Saturday ___________   Sunday ______________   Monday  ________________

Stage plot